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DS wants an X-box advice needed, please!

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Teachermumof3 Tue 30-Aug-11 15:40:13

DS wants one of these for his 10th birthday and I was wondering what the difference between the 4GB and the 20 GB one was? Obviously one has more hard drive-but what do you need the space for-surely the game is on the game disk? Or is this a silly thing to think!?

Also-do you tend to get one controller with the Xbox or not? Should I get two? Is there a game (like Wii Play) where you get the game and a free controller?

Lastly-I don't want him to play Call of Duty or similar 18 games just yet. Which games are suitable for him, but aren't 3+ Toy Story types!?

Ooh-another 'lastly'! I was thinking of getting the X box for his birthday and the Kinnect for Christmas (6 weeks apart) as they are quite expensive-is there plenty to do on just the X-box?

Many many thanks!

MrGin Tue 30-Aug-11 15:58:36

I think the extra space is really for storing music and video. The Xbox can function as a media centre also. I have a vague recollection of some games storing stuff on the hard drive, but that shouldn't be an issue.

Yes you should get two controllers. dc will want to play some games with friends / family. Not sure about free controller but I've not heard of them.

As for suitable games you need to sit down with google and educate yourself a bit. But there should be plenty of suitable games for his age. This is a good start point here

There is plenty you can do on an Xbox without kinnect.

Personally I'd go to a shop and ask for a deal on Xbox / extra controller / games and kinnect. ( not cheap though )

good luck. your ds will be over the moon I'm sure

southmum Tue 30-Aug-11 16:09:47

yes the extra space is if you want to store pictures, videos, music, serious gamers might want the extra space for online gaming and multiple saves during games but but if he is 10yo he'll probably just want to blow up bad dudes on it grin so you'll be fine getting the 4GB one.

Defo get 2 controllers, but Ive not heard of any games coming with one free. WRT to Kinect, Id see what bundle you can get as you may find its cheaper in the long run to get it with the XBox and then you can put the Kinect away for Christmas.

With games there are loads that are suitable for his age, car racing, you can get shoot em ups that arent too graphic, I used to love playing Halo (god what a cracking game that is), Star Wars, Footy games, fighting games like Street Fighter, and then there are Old School games that have about 20 games on one disc like Sonic, Mario Bros etc that he might enjoy.

<Pines for her XBox again.........>

QueenofJacksDreams Tue 30-Aug-11 16:18:10

The space on the hard drive can be used to install games so they run quieter or for downloadable content (Games/Avatar items etc). If he won't be downloading games buy the 4gb console.

Look at the bundles most come with 2 control pads and 3 games or so for about £200 not including the Kinect sensor.

As for game it really depends on what sort of gaming hes into RPGs/FPS or whatever. If he likes RPG's then something like Dragon Quest II would suit him or Tales of Vesperia. If he just wants to beat people up then Dynasty Warriors is pretty harmless. If he likes Super heroes then Lego Batman HP or PoC would suit or for racing theres Sonic Freeriders. Hope that helps a little. smile

MrGin Tue 30-Aug-11 16:23:29

what she said grin

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