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Blackberry Bold 9900

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BrawToken Tue 23-Aug-11 12:21:57

Can anyone recommend decent apps pls? New to the world of smart phones smile

And is there a Mumsnet app for Blackberry?

BrawToken Wed 24-Aug-11 01:32:44

Bumping before bed.... Back tomorrow if anyone is available on the topic TIA

stripeybump Wed 24-Aug-11 01:34:57

Only an app for iPhone for MN at the minute, tech said a BB one will be in the pipeline.

BrawToken Wed 24-Aug-11 01:37:12

Oh, thanks Stripey! I know my phone is capable of a lot but not sure what exactly. My teenage dd has offered me tutorials, but they just end up with her pleading with me to swap my new toy for her old one smile

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