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Unsecured Wireless Network

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Loonytoonie Sun 21-Aug-11 20:15:24

I've switched my laptop on today - first time in weeks - and a message popped up by the wireless icon. I was a bit alarmed to see 'unsecured' popping up as I floated over the icon, but I've not found it since. I can't see how to check the security of my wireless broadband either.

How do I go about checking? I thought my wireless was secure but am a bit worried now, especially since I live on a tightly packed cul-de-sac and am now paranoid that my neighbours are computer savvy and are using my connection to download tons of stuff


nocake Sun 21-Aug-11 20:29:17

Your laptop may have connected to someone else's unsecured router. Check the name of the network you're connected to (hover the mouse pointer over the wireless icon in the bottom right hand corner). If it isn't your network right click then select disconnect.

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