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iPhone is buggy

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wobblyweeble82 Mon 15-Aug-11 14:55:23

Anyone had an iphone that keeps turning itself off randomly? It's never happened when using the phone or sms service, but when I use an app or go online (wireless or 3g) it just crashes and turns itself off. Somebody mentioned getting it serviced by Apple??? Someone must know something! Help please! smile

Beans1234 Mon 15-Aug-11 17:53:45

Hi, even if you're not insured then I think they have a 12 month warantee through Apple. I've taken mine back about 4 times because of various faults. Make an appointment at Applestore (westfield are good if you live near enough, they just tend to replace) Only problem is you might have a fault on your PC/Mac (itunes) everytime you back up so it could happen to the next one so you might have to think about saving your info off the phone somewhere else (normally when you get a replacement you just plug in the new one with the backed up information from itunes from your last phone)

Anyway, thats the extent of my technical knowledge sorry, I only know as iphone are the bairn of my life, hate them!

wobblyweeble82 Mon 15-Aug-11 18:16:42

Ha thanks Beans, good tip. This is my second iphone, my first ended up in Adriatic as I panicked at a spying a man o'war whilst on a boat ... Ooops ... I've never had any problem before but this one is 14 months old now. I might bob in and speak to a human rather than google though. Or have a stab at restoring factory settings first and starting from scratch... Fun fun fun ... When it works, its FAB. But when its crap, its CRAP. Sigh. Thanks again smile

Beans1234 Mon 15-Aug-11 18:44:29

check if you're due for an upgrade, bobs your uncle sorted! (you can usually get one a few months before your contract is up!) even if its close not for a few week, call o2 or whoever you're with, say this is reflecting on them, you're a loyal customer. chances are they may give you one as long as you sign up to another 18 or 24 month contract!

wobblyweeble82 Tue 16-Aug-11 07:34:01

Oooh good call! You've done this before! I'm not very savvy with stuff like that ... I'll go on a mission today!

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