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TV reception

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molepom Sun 14-Aug-11 20:53:58

This is a strange one which I'm not understanding so am posting it to see if anyone can help.

I'm on freeview and have great reception for every single channel, except the BBC channels and only those. I have boosters but that's not helping.

On these channels, the picture blocks, freezees, stops and looses reception totally some days. It's weird and driving me nuts. There is no pattern to it and sometimes it's ok but mostly it's impossible to watch anything on these channels. I have noticed that everytime a bus drives past (living near a bus stop too so I do notice it) the same thing happens, but it's happening when there are no busses running either so it's not just that.

I dont understand what is causing this and any ideas would be very welcome. I didnt have this problem when I had sky, virgin or the arieal or with freeview before. This has been going on for about 6 months and I've had the box for 15 months so it's not that either.

Any ideas?

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Mon 15-Aug-11 16:09:25

Hi & welcome to the wonderful world of progress - Dont know where you are but we have a holiday caravan in Christchurch Dorset & we have the same issues. When we were on the old signal it was ok ish - sometimes a bit fuzzy but watcheable - we got a Freeview box & also was a bit iffy but were were not on full strength until Digital Switch-over last summer - then it was all going to be wonderful - Ha Ha. Well sometimes it is great - loads of channels & all clear BUT when the bad weather is in the west (which it normally is) between us & Mendip where we get our signal from then its useless - ESPECIALLY BBC which goes off completely. Also coversely when there is high pressure (good weather) it upsets the signal too. Maybe the transmitter you get your signal from has had an upgrade ! Why is it that we pay our license to the BBC but they are the worst signal. If you go on the BBC website about poor reception they just say it must be your equipment but howcome all the other channels are better. Sorry to go on but it make me MAD.

NetworkGuy Tue 16-Aug-11 01:26:45

A lot will depend on your location, as there is ongoing engineering work scheduled over many months for most transmitters (and even after each region has been switched, there will possibly still be some adjustments made in regions which have been up and running for months too).

Other people 'serverd' from the Mendip transmitter were having problems with Film 4 service not long ago - one in Dorset already had a satellite dish and might now be using FreeSat (to be able to get news from Meridian / BBC South - I suggested she enter a postcode for a house in Shirley district of Southampton, as she didn't want the news from Bristol and her Dorset postcode shows her as coming under 'West' ITV). can give you detailed information about the Freeview channels and how good a signal is 'forecast' for your location, if you tick the box which says you are in the aerial installation trade. Do not get overwhelmed that is has rows of figures and so on, but carry on posting and hopefully we can work out what has happened!

alphabettyspagghetti Tue 16-Aug-11 18:47:14

I've noticed that I get that but only on BBC channels and only in the evenings!

All day is fine, first thing in the morning is fine. Come 1900...forget it.

NetworkGuy Wed 17-Aug-11 04:50:13

That sounds like you're getting some interference rather than the TV signals themselves changing at that time. Do you have aerial cables going past something electrically 'noisy' that may be on a timer if it happens 'like clockwork' ?

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