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help with mp4 files, no sound?

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moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 13-Aug-11 12:25:01

I video'd the children with my phone, Tocco Lite. Can play it back, with sound on phone ok.

Transferred the mp4 files to my PC using the memory card but when they play there is no sound? The video plays ok, images are alright.

Any clues please - they were dancing to a live band so I would really love to get the audio ok. My speakers etc work BTW!

nannynick Sat 13-Aug-11 17:06:19

No idea really but could be worth trying a different player.

Try using VideoLan

Ryoko Sat 13-Aug-11 18:47:17

Are you sure the audio file isn't separate? read the phone instructions and see what it says.

moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 13-Aug-11 18:52:59

Thanks nannynick I have tried converting it, but I get either audio only or video only, not both together - so they are both there, just don't know how to do it. What should I be converting them to ?

Should point out, I only realised I could video stuff with my phone this week, I am not techy at all grin

nannynick Sat 13-Aug-11 19:19:26

You just need a player which recognises the format that was used to encode the audio. The .mp4 file is a container which contains the video and sound plus instructions for what is used to play them. You can't read that youself, it's what the playback software reads.

Have you tried using VLC Player to play the file? If so, what was the result - did it show the video and not give audio?

Another thing to try is uploading it to youtube... that will accept an .mp4 file.

Have read something on another site which says to try using XMedia-Recode (right click and SAVE AS - file is 6.24MB) for Win XP, Vista, Win7 as it has profiles already set in it for Samsung phones. A user said: select samsung s5230, then convert. If you get errors click "yes to all". End result is a .MPEG file.

USE A COPY OF THE VIDEO FILE - Transfer the file to your PC and save it to the harddisc. Keep the original video file on the phone. Then try out different things to play the file that is on the computer.

moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 13-Aug-11 20:59:26

Thanks, yes I tried converting it to various formats with the VLC player - some gave audio alone, some images alone. Will try again with the other link.

moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 13-Aug-11 21:51:59

Still can't run it on my PC - but have uploaded it to facebook and it works!

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