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iphone 4 help please

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Loonytoonie Wed 10-Aug-11 22:45:12

I'm having problems synch'ing my itunes to the iphone. I've got a load of music stored in my itunes library (under 'music') and I thought by just plugging it in for a synch would upload the lot onto my phone, but it doesn't!

Not sure what to do now! Thanks for any help.

niceguy2 Wed 10-Aug-11 23:26:04

Couple of basic things first.

Is this the computer you usually sync your phone with?

Have you clicked on the Music tab and double checked that Sync Music is ticked and either "Entire Music Library: is ticked or the playlists you want?

BadgersPaws Thu 11-Aug-11 09:28:27

You say it's in your iTunes library so by that you mean that it actually appears in iTunes and you can play them through there?

If so what happens if you drag one of the tunes from the music bit of iTunes down onto the icon for your iPhone?

Also check if your iPhone is set to manually manage it's music (instructions for doing this are here: []). That would happen if the first time you connected your iPhone to that computer you said that did didn't want to automatically sync your music.

If it is set to manually manage the music think very carefully about if you want to turn that off. Automatically syncing your music doesn't just mean "move any new music onto my iPhone automatically", it means "make my iPhone look like my iTunes". So if you have new music then it will go on, but also if music is on your iPhone and not in iTunes then it will be deleted off of your phone.

Loonytoonie Thu 11-Aug-11 10:06:56

Thanks niceguy2 and BadgersPaws for your help - I won't be able to tackle this until this evening when my little one's are in bed, so I'll post again tonight if I get any more problems. Huge thanks for your input smile

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