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I'm on o2 it's nearly time to upgrade help needed with what I want and how to get it please!

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waitingtobeamummy Sat 06-Aug-11 17:30:03

At the moment I have a 24month contract but they say I can upgrade early. I get 1000texts and 500(?) minutes for £25. I like the look of htc's but am a complete ignaramus so dont really know what package wouls be a good deal. I would like to go on facebook, to check my emails, to sometimes look things up on the internet and to be able to download some apps-thats pretty much it. But I do send lots and lots of texts. So what kind of download amount is good? I worry I will be conned and and up paying more a month because I will have gone over my amount of downloadable ness (like I said I haven't a clue!)
And last time I upgraded they were really shoddy (over the phone) so how can I go about it to get what I want?
Thank you Thank you Thank you.

niceguy2 Sat 06-Aug-11 20:51:10

What phone have you currently got and how long left on your contract?

I doubt you would get the HTC Sensation for £25 per month which is their current flagship phone. Maybe a HTC Desire S. But then if I were you I'd start off cheeky and demand a Samsung Galaxy S2. They'll probably say no but then depending on what phone you have, I'd be tempted to wait.

Better phones come out all the time and prices drop too. I bet O2 won't offer the best deals. They generally don't. I do like their 3G though. The best in my experience and I've used Orange, Voda & 3.

Oh 500MB I'd say is enough for most users. My OH uses about 100MB per month, my daughter about 300MB (and she's a heavyish user).

waitingtobeamummy Sun 07-Aug-11 18:12:44

Sorry for late reply. Just discovered my tariff is £20.00 not twenty five so I dont stand much of a chance do I? :-)
My current phone is an lg cookie.
I'll have a look at other companies so thank you for your help.

niceguy2 Sun 07-Aug-11 20:18:30

For £20 a month you can at the moment get the HTC Desire S on a 24 month contract with Orange from PhoneBox And that's before you take into account the cashback redemption offered. That said, you get less minutes so it depends on if 200 mins is enough for you.

So I'd suggest hanging tight unless O2 want to match that deal for you.

SweetTheSting Thu 01-Sep-11 13:14:41

Hey niceguy2, that's really helpful about the data amount. I am considering going from a simple phone to a smart phone but have no idea what the data need would be. I will look at 500MB deals then as I don't want to watch videos or anything, just do FB, email and maybe a bit of MN!

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