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Freeview and Sky

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BreakOutTheKaraoke Thu 04-Aug-11 17:37:25

Hello! Wondered if anyone could help...thinking of getting a TV for my DDs room. Currently I have Sky downstairs, and multiroom in my room, but wouldn't get multiroom for hers I think. We don't have a terrestrial ariel- or at least it doesn't work well. There is no aerial whatsoever in her room, would a TV with built in freeview work, through the sky dish? Or would it have to be an indoor aerial?

nocake Fri 05-Aug-11 14:21:01

You would need to run a cable from your dish to your DD's room then use a Freesat box to decode the signal. But... you need to make sure your dish can handle the extra cable.

The receiver on the front of your dish is called an LNB but your LNB is actually a cluster of 4, called a quad LNB. That means you can run 4 sky boxes (or Freesat boxes) from one dish. However, Sky+ boxes (the ones with that record) use 2 LNBs because they allow you to record something while watching something else.

So, work out how many LNBs you're using (normal Sky box uses one, Sky+ box uses two) and if it's less than 4 you have one spare. Then get a company to run a cable from the spare LNB to your DD's room.

BreakOutTheKaraoke Fri 05-Aug-11 19:01:25

Thanks for replying! I think I will have used all 4- downstairs is a HD box, upstairs a Sky+. Back to the drawing board!

nocake Fri 05-Aug-11 21:41:09

Okay.... you could get an aerial fitted and use that with a freeview box. I doubt you'd get a good enough signal with an indoor aerial although you could try.

Kewcumber Fri 05-Aug-11 21:46:55

I get a reasonable signal enough to use freeview on an indoor arial with a booster. Depends on the signal where you live.

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