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Would like to set up a group in Facebook - need help please

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ibbydibby Wed 27-Jul-11 20:40:52

Can't believe I am posting a FB question blush


I would like to set up some kind of group to promote an event I am involved in organising. It needs to be available to people that I don't know - so there is not much point in me having to allow them access to the group as I don't know them (hope that makes sense). I am a member of a club that has a FB page, and I simply joined up by clicking "like" on the page (I think), so think that this is the sort of thing I need. However I am not sure if I do this by setting up a "group" in FB, or a "page". Have just tried up setting up a page, then realised that was probably not what I wanted...

I would like it to be set up so that I have a different identity when answering questions - is that possible, or do I need a separate email address to do this? Also if I answer as "me" does this mean that respondents will be able to see my other posts in my own personal bit?

Sorry am a bit woolly when it comes to FB things, as is probably apparent from my post...thanks for any advice anyone can offer!

ibbydibby Tue 02-Aug-11 14:29:56


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