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ipad 2 confusion and prices/deals

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ihatethecold Sun 17-Jul-11 09:35:46

does anyone know of any good deals for an ipad 2.

should i wait for the ipad3?

does anyone know when its coming out?

i think i need a 3g one as my husband needs to use it on the train.

should i buy one outright or get one on a deal with a phone company, the monthly charges seem quite high to me?

does it matter which phone company i get it with, i have wi fi already at home?

niceguy2 Sun 17-Jul-11 13:55:42

Apple pricing is pretty uniform no matter where you get it from. To the point where some people are starting to think they're dicatating prices which would get them in trouble with the competition authorities. So in short, generally there's not a difference whether you get it from Apple or Amazon or Dixons. If you are lucky you might find somewhere with say a discount code or a cashback deal etc.

No-one knows for sure when the iPad 3 will be out. Some say back end of this year, others say 2012. I'm plumping for end of this year but that's speculation.

If you want a 3G Ipad then just be aware that using it on a train, your husband will be lucky to get a reliable signal. Mobile signals in a train are frankly piss poor. He'll be lucky to sustain a signal for talking, let alone surfing.

If you can afford it then I'd suggest getting the ipad outright then going into TMobile and asking for a free Iphone 4 microSIM. You'll have to top it up but then they give you 12 months free Internet. Otherwise, get a GiffGaff SIM on their £10 monthly goody bag which gives unlimited Internet.

Hope that helps

ihatethecold Sun 17-Jul-11 15:22:22

yes thanks that does help

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