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Moving contacts from one phone to another

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meanymum Wed 13-Jul-11 14:33:40

Getting new phone today. If I save all my contacts on my HTC Touch Pro 2 running Windows onto the SIM and put the SIM in the new phone (HTC Desire) will my contacts appear on my new phone or is it more complicated than that? Do I need to sync contacts onto PC and then put on new android phone?

NetworkGuy Wed 13-Jul-11 15:03:38

It should be OK ujust using the SIM, but there are sometimes oddities because there's often more storage for different info when using a phone's memory to store contacts. For example, if I put certain clients onto a 'VIP' list, then on the next phone they were shown with an upside down '?' after their names.

Not such a big deal in that case, but often an entry in the phone's address book can hold several numbers, and more space for the person's name, so sometimes you will get badly truncated names and/or miss some of the phone numbers.

If you have a lot of contacts, now might be a time to commit them to paper, 'just in case' - after all, if you lose your phone, how many of the 200 entries will you have anywhere else - some of those people may only have your mobile number and if the phone is lost, cannot contact you again for some time!

Geordieminx Wed 13-Jul-11 15:07:18

should be fine. copy to sim, then swap sim, and in your new fone copy to fone, and then choose to use either sim or phone memory.

There are apps that will copy your contacts and store them should you loose your fone (((speaks from bitter experience))))

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