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Can I add stuff to iPod touch without syncing?

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inatrance Sun 10-Jul-11 02:20:48

I have iTunes on my pc for my iPhone and want to add stuff to dd's new iPod touch. She's got all different apps etc on it so I don't know if it will sync it to my phone if I connect to it, and if so whether it will add my stuff to her phone iykwim?

Does anyone know if you can have two separate devices in iTunes? I don't understand!!

missnevermind Sun 10-Jul-11 04:21:52

You can use a free program called copytrans so that you do not have to sync it at all.
We use it for 6 different ipods. It saves all the messing about.
Its really simple, drag and drop files across the screen and thats it.

missnevermind Sun 10-Jul-11 04:26:41

You only need the copytransmanager part. Totally safe.

inatrance Sun 10-Jul-11 14:16:25

Brilliant will try that thanks! smile

NetworkGuy Sun 10-Jul-11 19:15:05

Thanks for the tip. One to bookmark.

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