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Creating photo album- iPhone 3GS, how to?

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prolificwillybreeder Sat 09-Jul-11 10:07:58

I've goggled this and got even more confused.
I want to put photos from the camera roll into an album.
I don't know how sad
Can someone explain, in Erm... Simple terms how to do it please?
I have Windows 7 if this relevant?

Thank you smile

TarquinGyrfalcon Sat 09-Jul-11 17:50:47

I think (ages since I've done this) you need to do it when the iPhone is attached to your computer then you treat it as anther drive, create a folder and move the images

prolificwillybreeder Sat 09-Jul-11 18:09:55

Ah I see. Ok I'll give it a go, thanks smile

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