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Replacing Sky tv - when no cable tv available. Not prepared to give any more momey to New International.

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AwesomePan Tue 05-Jul-11 20:43:48

This comes in the light of the NOTW journalists hacking Millie Dowlers phone,and deleting messages off it, and thus providing more heartache and false hope to the Dowlers that their daughter was still alive.

There a few ( well me and Ponders so far) who need advice on how to access digital services for TV. Ponders is a bit restricted due to poor reception from a transitter, me by the fact that nickelodeon AFAIK is only available in the UK on the Sky dish set up ( no cable out here).

Is there someone wit hsome expertise in this field. Appreciate it's a bit of a wide question and experts probably charge for this sort of thing. But any help would be appreciated.

By Ponders aand me in any event.


AwesomePan Tue 05-Jul-11 20:45:13

<my second thread of the day, and typos just as a feature on both>

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 05-Jul-11 20:48:47

no idea, but what a good idea. Well done.

babyocho Tue 05-Jul-11 20:51:20

I have a foxsat. I used to have sky+ but it packed up and I loathed paying monthly.

The foxsat recorder is 'like' sky+ (ovb, not the sjy channels). It's all the digital chanels, plus i have it hooked in so if I want i can watch the iplayer from it as well and it upscales it so dont lose quality.

As it uses the satellite to receive the channels the quality is great, I would say it was better quality than my old sky set up.

AwesomePan Tue 05-Jul-11 20:57:11

small question babyocho but does the digital channels include nickelodeon ones? I am trying negotiate a leaving of sky, not not cause a war with my 11 y.o dd.

babyocho Tue 05-Jul-11 20:58:54

No, it has the following childrens channels:

tiny pop

AwesomePan Tue 05-Jul-11 21:00:02

thanks but still gulp. I will let Ponders know of this option.

babyocho Tue 05-Jul-11 21:00:10

With the money you would be saving even after 1 month, you could bribe with a box set of something?

AwesomePan Tue 05-Jul-11 21:00:50

gooooood thinking!!!

We like!!

TimeWasting Tue 05-Jul-11 21:02:58

Tell her she's too old for kids tv.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 05-Jul-11 21:03:22

I have BT Vision. You can pause live broadcasts, record series and so on, but it doesn't have Nickelodeon.

Indith Tue 05-Jul-11 21:04:04

You can get Nickelodeon on BT vision, check the packages, it doens't come with just the bog standard one, that just gives you the Box (which does all the recording, pausing live TV gubbins) and the normal freeview channels but you can get it with other packages.

HarrietJones Tue 05-Jul-11 21:05:00

I just have freeview with a booster. We can't get cable & planning is awkward regarding satellite dishes.

Indith Tue 05-Jul-11 21:07:46

Had a closer look, you get Nickelodeon stuff as TV on demand. £13 a month gives you all the on demand stuff included so she wouldn't get the channel as such but could watch the shows as and when she wanted anyway.

ThisIsANiceCage Tue 05-Jul-11 21:09:05

Yep, another one with our old Sky dish plugged into a Freeview box. Ours is a Humax with hard drive.

Quality is fantastic, of course, as is all satellite. And it's more reliable than our old Sky box.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 05-Jul-11 21:13:32

Thanks, Indith, I didn't know that; no-one in my house of Nickelodeon age. smile

AwesomePan Tue 05-Jul-11 21:17:18

indith - I have just been looking at BT vision at your prompt. I thought it was cable only, but then it indicated it used a freeview -style thing sans nickelodeon, then when I looked further it siad BT Vision does carry nickelodeon.

so a large thank you,and I will get on with being signed up.

and "no more momey to New International"..

mozette Tue 05-Jul-11 23:42:42

But BskyB part own Nickelodeon so you indirectly would be giving them money

AwesomePan Tue 05-Jul-11 23:43:56

I am trying very hard to not read that. But thanks.

Ponders Tue 05-Jul-11 23:50:18

oh thank you for starting this, Pan! smile

will look in tomorrow to see what's suggested (going to bed now)

MmeLindor. Wed 06-Jul-11 09:34:55

Would a sat dish with digital receiver not work then? We had a dish in Germany that picked up the freeview channels at least. Would be no use to those wanting extra channels but for basic BBC/ITV/CH4 etc it is fine.

MollysChamber Wed 06-Jul-11 09:38:12

I've just signed up to BT vision. Full TV, broadband and phone package with any time calls is £56 a month.

HarrietJones Wed 06-Jul-11 09:40:47

You can do free sat. Keep the sky box/dish & get freeview but no nickolodean

GrimmaTheNome Wed 06-Jul-11 09:41:51

If you stop your sky subscription there's still quite a bit of free content still available - we did that for a while because we'd really only had sky for some of the kids channels DD had outgrown.

RubberDuck Wed 06-Jul-11 09:42:06

Does BT vision or any other option have Disney HD? That's our most used channel atm.

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