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Help! I've lost my network card!

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nenevomito Tue 05-Jul-11 20:00:58

I got an extremely nasty trojan on my laptop and despite best efforts couldn't get rid, so I ran kill disk, reformatted and reinstalled the OS. All working OK except that its not picked up the wireless card. I know one is in there as we picked up the virus off the damn web over wireless!

Can't register my copy of Windows as can't connect to the internet. Have plugged in directly to router via ethernet, but its not picking it up then either. Win useless diagnostics says no network or wireless card installed. There should be both (but don't ask me what they are!)

So one for you techies - how the heck do I get it to pick up my wireless card again? Win XP Pro. IBM Stink Pad.


niceguy2 Wed 06-Jul-11 03:03:49

You will need to go to the Lenovo website (they took over IBM thinkpads) on another PC then type in the model number into the support part of their website which should be on a label at bottom of laptop. Eg. 1234-xyz

This should then allow you to download the right drivers.

Then either burn them to a DVD or copy to a USB pen drive. Copy them to your laptop then run the setup programs included on the drivers.

Good luck

nenevomito Wed 06-Jul-11 08:55:34

Thanks niceguy2 - I'll have a go tonight.

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