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Contract with 3 or TMobile?

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confuseddotcodotuk Mon 04-Jul-11 07:48:39

Can anyone tell me their experiences with either? I've been told on here that 3 isn't the fastest, and pretty much everybody I speak too has said not to go with 3 but with Tmobile or Orange (I'm currently on Orange and love the service!) However, the phone I'm after, a Samsung Galaxy S2, isn't available yet on Orange and I really am in need of a new phone asap.

3's deal for the phone is brilliantly cheap, 5000 texts, 2000mins, unlim internet, 24 months and £35 a month, whereas T Mobiles is 900mins, 500 texts and unlim internet, 24months and £35.75! I'm not a big phone user atm but plan to start using it more (though not as much as 3 offers!) however it seems to be a bit silly on principle to go with Tmobile when the deal on 3 is so much better?! But is it better in general?

niceguy2 Mon 04-Jul-11 10:17:46

I think it depends on where you live. I have a couple of friends who love 3. I bought a SIM only deal for my daughter's iPhone and cancelled it after a month because she kept losing signal. Even in the middle of the town centre shopping centre, she couldn't get a signal. When she could, it generally was 1-2 bars, albeit 3G.

So yes its cheap but there's no point having thousands of minutes if you can't get a signal to use them.

TMobile & Orange share masts now so at least you should pretty much always get a phone signal, even if not 3G.

You might also want to check out TalkMobile (aka carphone warehouse) whom have the phone for £30 per month link here They use Vodafone signal so again, signal should be ok.

Or if you dont mind the faff & risk of redemptions, then check out AffordableMobiles who are doing some cracking redemptions deals at the moment.

Hope that helps

confuseddotcodotuk Mon 04-Jul-11 11:17:00

That's why I like Orange, because they've now linked with T mobile and have the signal, but T Mobiles deals are rubbish.

I must admit that when I was Vodaphone I had rubbish signal which is why I wasn't looking at them.

Thanks for the links, will look into the other companies in more detail.

niceguy2 Mon 04-Jul-11 12:15:15

To be honest I think £35 a month for that phone isn't a bad price. It's a top of the range phone and arguably the best smartphone out there at the moment.

confuseddotcodotuk Mon 04-Jul-11 12:46:03

Oh me either, I'm fine paying that much, I'm just a little put uot by T Mobile's absolutely rubbish deal on it in comparison to other networks! wink

Also trying to work out which of these sites is legit and that I can giv emy money too.

tigercametotea Mon 04-Jul-11 17:23:24

Confused, I just ordered a few free SIM cards off some network providers - 3, Orange and T-Mobile - and just waiting for them to arrive in the post now. I'm on Vodafone at the moment and just had my phone unlocked so I will try each of the free SIM cards I've ordered in my phone and see what kind of reception I get with each network before making a decision on which network to go to. Don't trust those network coverage maps that the network providers have on their websites. They may say the reception in area X is good but then people in area X don't get good reception. It pretty much depends where you live and what construction your house/flat is too...

BertieBotts Mon 04-Jul-11 17:25:21

DP has just got that phone on 3 for £20 a month, if that sways you. I'm not sure where but it was online.

tigercametotea Mon 04-Jul-11 17:59:07

btw I'd caution against signing up for a contract before you are absolutely sure you can get decent 3G coverage in your home. 2G signals are normally fine wherever you go though some rural areas and the like might be exceptions... but 3G is more variable. The charts provided on the mobile providers are not guarantees and people have reported encountering problems when they try to return a phone or cancel their contract with some network providers when they buy the phone, use it and realise they cannot get good reception where they intend to use the phone. Do read this thread here, will give you some more info on this. But there have been several similar types of threads online that I have seen so this does not appear to be a rare occurence?

confuseddotcodotuk Mon 04-Jul-11 20:04:15

Thanks smile

tiger: I was under the impression that you could opt out within a certain amount of time. I was planning to go with orange/tmobile originally as they have the best signal and I'm always moving around so it's handy to have somethign that is reliable in 99% of areas! grin But 3's offer has been swaying me somewhat!

tigercametotea Tue 05-Jul-11 15:21:10

Confused, yes I think you can opt out but from what I've read about it just sounds like it could be a bit of a pain especially if you can get 2G signals fine but not 3G - the mobile phone company might say that their obligation is met on their end because you can still send/receive calls and texts. I'm also thinking of going to 3 for the cheaper data usage costs once I've switched to using an Android phone. They do offer a good deal when it comes to 3G.

confuseddotcodotuk Tue 05-Jul-11 21:03:19

They definately do! My sister has a contact at T-Mobile and has managed to get a better deal for me (less minutes/texts but unlim internet which means I can use my skype instead for some calls!) so I may just end up going with them!

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