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AVCHD video to PC

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Mermaidmad Wed 29-Jun-11 13:10:57

Help! confused

My mum has bought a Sony cybershot camera that records video in AVCHD. She has recently come to put these videos onto her PC to watch/put them onto DVD. But its not working. It either:
a) only transfers the still photos and ignores the videos or
b) transfers them but when we go to play them it is only playing a black screen so obviously hasn't transferred it successfully.

After google-ing a bit, I get the idea that maye her PC (sony Vaio) is not up to date enough to handle HD and that she may to have to buy an extra software product to handle it. Is this the case and if so which software should she be looking at? By the way, have also tried transferring them to my PC (which is HD friendly) but still to no avail.....

Thanks smile

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