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Need to un-upgrade my browser, or something similar. Help?

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All my payslips, and more importantly my P60, are online - I don't get paper copies any more. I really need to access them (haven't submitted my tax credits renewal blush) but am being stymied by something evil called Web Dynpro which is apparently no longer compatible with either of the browsers I use (Firefox 5 and IE9 I think, whatever the current ones are anyway)

A quick google shows that this is a fairly common problem, and will eventually be resolved the next time the Web Dyn people send a service patch to my employers, but I have no idea when that will be.

Can anyone tell me how (and walk me through) how to temporarily downgrade one of my browsers, preferably IE as that's the one I only use for my bank <<grumble stupid Santander grumble>> so would cause less trouble if I cocked it up.

I can access this stuff from work, but I'm off until the weekend and if I don't sort this renewal out now I'm going to forget to do it again.


BertieBotts Tue 28-Jun-11 18:06:44

I think you can roll back IE by removing it in the add/remove programs thingy on control panel.

However will wait for someone to confirm this, I wouldn't want you to accidently delete the whole thing blush

Thank you Bertie smile

It turns out that DH hasn't (can't!) gone onto IE9 so I've managed to go on via his PC. Should have checked with him first!

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