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argh! help please - every time i open my email more emails disappear from my inbox ...

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zipzap Wed 22-Jun-11 21:16:21

Just wondering if anyone has come across this before?

My email is currently on my old pc as it never transferred itself properly onto my new pc (but that's a separate issue) - so it has at least 6 years worth of emails on it going back.

There is lots of stuff in the inbox just because I never get around to sorting it out and just flag up the important things but I do have a few rules set up that have filtered some stuff off.

Was working fine last night but I did have a bit of a clear out on it as my hard drive is pretty full and managed to take off a couple of thousand emails that I didn't need anymore and deleted them out of the bin so they were really gone and didn't think anything more of it...

Until this morning. When I opened my email there were about 5000 fewer emails than there were last night. So I shut it down quickly and have been out to buy another back up drive to re-back up everything as it doesn't seem to be letting me access the back up drive attached to it either.

It's also having problems downloading email into the Inbox - stuff is coming through into other folders via the rules but nothing has gone into the inbox, even the test messages I sent via hotmail.

Have opened it again tonight and as soon as I realised that it had only got a few hundred messages left (there were a couple of thousand when I shut it down this am) I shut it down again very quickly.

Has anybody got any ideas on what is happening and if there is anything I can do to a) stop it and b) retrieve my emails?

thanks in advance!

zipzap Thu 23-Jun-11 12:21:02


number of email now seems to be static but nothing is downloading into the inbox when it should (have sent some test messages from hotmail) but those emails that are being filtered into other directories are going into them ok...

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