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Anyone had experience of the Blackberry Playbook?

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TracyK Tue 21-Jun-11 16:23:20

Have been thinking of getting an ipad for ages now and saw an ad yesterday for the Blackberry.
Anyone know if it is any good?

SleepySuzy Tue 21-Jun-11 16:24:23

No but the iPad is fantastic unless you need flash. It does everything but.

TracyK Tue 21-Jun-11 16:26:35

Am I right in thinking that if you go to a web site that needs flash - you can still view a 'lower' version of the web site?
It's not going to impact on my shopping habit is it?

SleepySuzy Wed 22-Jun-11 09:27:36

No but you can download an app I think but I hear it doesn't work on all sites. I'd go for iPad every time.

niceguy2 Wed 22-Jun-11 10:45:02

The playbook is a new entrant into the market and has in my mind two main problems:

1) It's a 7" tablet, not 10". In my opinion, 7" is too small for use for a long time.

2) Being new, there's a serious lack of applicataions. They've only just released Flash.

So in short, I'd recommend the ipad for now. Time will tell if the Playbook will get any traction but at least with the iPad, it's the right size and a mature product.

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