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Best iPhone app for baby journal

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Bella2010star Sat 18-Jun-11 21:26:36

My daughter is one and I love taking pictures but never get round to putting them in an album and dating them. I thought an app on my iPhone were I can quickly journal her progress with pictures would be great any ideas for good ones? I want to be able to print it off as well smile

NetworkGuy Sun 19-Jun-11 12:56:35

Seeing someone else mention water in her iPhone and > "taking a last look at some photos" < before getting her phone repaired (she could not do a backup with iTunes) and with you mentioning photos of a baby, makes me think there could be some website development for uploading the most precious photos to keep them backed up...

The phones I've used (non Apple) allow for inserting a microSD card but for any with internet access, to be able to upload an image seems ideal.

Of course part of me would want to make money, but can see problems over cost of storage (as the more modern smartphones have high MegaPixel cameras so files are likely to be a couple of MB at a guess - anyone care to tell me?) and some of the photo gallery software available might not cope.

I was thinking that many want to share their photos with GPs, and close relatives, from hours after birth. While e-mail to them is one way, it can clog up the recipient in-box, and sometimes the recipients might actually get overwhelmed... I've seen some s/w called Coppermine Photo Gallery which allows different users to have accounts (so if there was a website of <yoursurname> you and siblings could each have accounts) and then you can create galleries so 2011-Spain 2010-Italy etc might be major holiday collections... in your case <childname>-age-1 age-2 perhaps?

Web hosting can be had quite cheaply - I'd guess spending 10 to 15 quid a year from someone on Ebay (rather than 30+ to the big web hosting firms) and uploading from iPhone every few photos should mean even if you had no backup via iTunes then those photos would be online. Additionally, you could allow relatives to look as often as they wanted and just send a short 'have added photos from the party' text/e-mail to relations without sending the photos via e-mail (they could just download the ones they like most via the web).

Sorry for the essay - just giving an idea of an alternative.

Hope someone points the way to an app for you, too.

MikeStand Sun 26-Jun-11 13:47:40

Tappy memories. May only be an iPad app and have to say haven't tried it myself. Could be worth a look for 59p.

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