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If you had a great idea for a new app...

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putitbackinthepotty Fri 17-Jun-11 09:53:49 would you go about getting it developed?

I am talking something pretty simple that I imagine the right person could knock up in a day or so. i.e. not a slick corporate style app with lots of functionality.

I don't want to approach established app development companies as they are focussed on corporate clients and this would be ridiculous overkill.

I was thinking about finding a suitably geeky computer science student and asking them to do it. Is this naive of me?

Has anyone had an app developed and launched, and how did you do it?

NetworkGuy Fri 17-Jun-11 11:31:54

If it is for Android, then Google have put together an App builder tool online for people to use, something like - no sorry, that's wrong...

look for App Inventor under Android at > Google Labs < (link is to start of Google Labs site).

Sorry I have not used it myself (no Android phone to test things on) but it was mentioned on BBC TV "Click" show some weeks ago.

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