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Ipod playlists disaster.

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MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Tue 14-Jun-11 10:13:18

Please oh wise ones, help me.

I used to have a dear old windows based laptop in the UK. I ripped loads of my cds onto it, used itunes and made playlists etc and put them on my ipod nano.

When I moved to Australia I didn't bring my old lappy as my DH had bought me a spanking new Air Macbook.

I then bought some lovely new music/books and tried to put them onto my ipod. But it won't.

It says (and I've been into the Apple store here in Brisbane and chatted with one of their 'geniuses') that all old playlists will need to be deleted for any new music to be downloaded. He did say I could just set up two libraries but it still means I can't have both sets of stuff at the same time, which is all I really want.

Gah. <bangs head against convenient wall>

would you happen to know any way round it? I have written to Apple HQ but they are smugly ignoring me. Bastards.

wine and cake are available as thanks.

That and the soul of my first born.

coansha Wed 15-Jun-11 07:29:55

we used a free website that basically copies your libarary/playlists etc and stores it on to your pc then re loads it in to new itunes.
I used idump but have added another for comparison sake.;4

We keep all our music on a hard drive that is permanently connected to pc as it keeps the pc quicker as not so much music on it.
I am hoping the new icloud system apple are touting will help lots of problems as we have 1000's of cd's on it and if anything is duplicated you have to manually take it off...they have us over a barrel..

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