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how do you/can you turn off FB chat?

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overnightfood Mon 13-Jun-11 22:27:13

I love FB chat, but there are times when I'd rather I could switch it off. Can't see how to do that, or even if you can. Does anyone know please?

wellwisher Mon 13-Jun-11 22:29:06

chat/options/go offline

Meglet Mon 13-Jun-11 22:29:43

Go to 'options' (at the top of the chat box) then select 'go offline'.

overnightfood Mon 13-Jun-11 22:35:35

thanks - embarrassed I hadn't even noticed the options in the chat box, so obvious when you know how!!!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 13-Jun-11 23:52:36

have to say i always have fb chat on offline as sometimes i just want to read status's/look at pics and not be pestered bothered by people 'popping' up for a quick gossip boring chat

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