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APieOfButter Fri 10-Jun-11 15:54:02

This laptop really is on it's last legs now. It is about 5 years old, the keyboard broke so now I balance a USB keyboard on it, typing on MN involves waiting for it to catch up about once a sentance, it keeps crashing. So, I need a new one, but could possibly wait to save up as it still just about works.

As I only really go online atm, am I best getting the cheapest netbook going? I would like to be able to edit photos (I have a little compact digital camera, and it's a hobby of mine to take pictures eg of the flowers in the garden, and I would love to be able to mess about with them a bit more) but would that mean a much more expensive computer?

I know this is probably daft, but I have been lusting after an ipad. I just think it would be really good. No real reason, so I can't really justify the money, but thought I'd mention it, in case anyone says "ooh, there's the X, that is just like an ipad, only it costs £250". Nobody? Ok.

So, yeah. My question is basically, do I go for a £200 netbook now, or do I save up over the next few months to get something better? Is there a price point where things suddenly jump to being loads better? I would rather spend a bit more now and have it last longer, than get a cheaper one now that breaks after a year. Oh, and I have two under five, so ideally one that is sturdy. And i would love to have one that is practical to take out of the house occaisionally - this laptop is too heavy and runs out of battery. (and has a USB keyboard) Any ideas?

suburbophobe Fri 10-Jun-11 16:14:40

I have a netbook and am an avid photographer (and traveller), so that is one of the big things about my computer, holding all the photos I take (and sending them by mail, upload onto websites, and printing etc.). Put them on a memory stick too for the future.

Have family members who've got Ipads and Phones, but just can't be arsedbothered right now to learn a whole new system.........

The reason notebooks are getting so much cheaper is cos everyone is falling for smartphones and the BIG I.....

And they're getting smaller and lighter all the time, right now I'm on the balcony with mine, (got wireless). Love it!

Another BIG reason for me is I'd rather give my money to Bill (and Melinda Gates Foundation) than Steve....

APieOfButter Fri 10-Jun-11 16:17:30

Well, yeah, I am always reluctant to look at apple products for that reason... smile

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