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How do I sync my HTC Desire to my Imac???????

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HeinzSight Thu 09-Jun-11 15:33:22

I've been searching on the tinternet and it's very confusing! I want to ultimately sync with Itunes so I can get my podcasts and music on my HTC phone! Grrr Apple!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking for easy peasy steps to follow

HeinzSight Thu 09-Jun-11 19:32:51


HeinzSight Thu 09-Jun-11 20:10:06

bumpy bump

tallulah Thu 09-Jun-11 20:19:38

I don't think you can sad I plugged mine into my mac and it said it wasn't compatible sad

niceguy2 Thu 09-Jun-11 21:51:55

You can't do it. ITunes is for Apple devices only.

bubbles4 Mon 20-Jun-11 14:26:53

Try looking here ,apparently you can sync HTC with Itunes.

NetworkGuy Mon 20-Jun-11 14:47:18

Thanks for the great link, looks very useful.

niceguy2 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:53:36

Good find! I'll give that a try later.

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