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I am so not Geeky - should I get an ipad2

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Dosey Wed 08-Jun-11 20:55:54

We currently have a netbook, I have a htc desire phone but only use both for very basic stuff. Work are offering a really good deal on ipad2 and accessories. I would love to get one but I am a little scared it will be out of my league. I have two dds and I would love to download books for them and get some educational apps for them. How user friendly is the ipad and can I use my netbook to set up my ipad. Also dp is at uni, could he do his essay on it. He currently uses word in the netbook.

We have a wireless router for our internet. Would this link up for the internet on the ipad. I am sorry for sounding so vague and simple but these things go way over my head.

Thanks for any advice. I am sure if or when I get an ipad you will be hearing lots more from me.

niceguy2 Thu 09-Jun-11 00:06:46

It doesn't sound like you NEED an ipad. But hey...what's need got to do with it! lol I didn't NEED one either! smile

In terms of user friendliness, my DSS was using it at the age of 3. At that age he could move around, choose which app he wanted etc.

Yes your netbook can set up the ipad. Yes your DP COULD use it to type his essay on it....BUT he won't because it's a very slow and annoying way to do it. Use a netbook/laptop for that.

Yes, you link it up to your wireless router.

The ipad isn't a replacement for a real computer. It's a gadget of convenience.

befuzzled Thu 09-Jun-11 19:21:21

I am wondering whether I could justify one instead of a portable DVD player for long journey this summer, are they any good for watching movies? (how? Apart from downloading for iTunes)

niceguy2 Thu 09-Jun-11 22:21:42

Depends....if you know how to get hold of MP4's/xvid's etc then it's a godsend of a device. This is how we keep our DSD quiet on the plane and I took over 10 hours of videos to keep me sane on a long haul flight last year.

But if you don't then you will have to manually convert each DVD into MP4 format which is a royal pain in the arse so from that respect a portable DVD player would be better, not to mention a damn site cheaper.

befuzzled Fri 10-Jun-11 21:17:31

I am assuming I get them from torrentsiTunes and download them in mp4 or whatever format ( what's xvid?). What about copying DVDs we've already got and tx them to the iPad somehow is that possible, I guess you can sync from pc. Where did you get your hours from or how did you convert them?

I know a cheap portable DVD for 80 quid or whatever from tescos would be cheaper and simple but as I am looking for justifications to get an iPad really grin id rather put the money towards one device.

befuzzled Fri 10-Jun-11 21:20:54

Just looked up xvid is a codec. So can inplay anything in mpeg4 or xvid format on the iPad. Can you find most kids stuff in these formats?

ThisisaSignofthetimes Fri 10-Jun-11 21:25:26

You can download the films straight from iTunes. The iPad is very simple to use, great for surfing and if you have a fast enough Internet connection you can watch iplayer (there is an app for it), the screen resolution is brilliant. You can download iBooks as an app and the kindle for iPad app from the app store. The layout and functionality of iBooks is better than the kindle app but there are less books to choose from and they tend to be more expensive than amazon.

Oh and angry birds is brilliant on the bigger screen. I bought the original iPad last year and only now use my laptop for work as typing anything bigger than a post like this is a pita.

I love my iPad!

niceguy2 Sat 11-Jun-11 17:37:22

I use an app called avplayerHD for watching xvids. can't remember what it cost. £1 something IIRC

You can convert your own DVD's using Handbrake but if you own the DVD then you may find downloading the xvid version for personal use is easier.

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