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Crackling speakers on laptop caused apparently by Flash running - any solutions?

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shrinkingnora Sun 05-Jun-11 12:37:16

Help! This is driving me mad. The speaker is making very loud static crackling sounds when everything is muted but it seems to be linked to flash player running. I have googled but foudn lots of people with the same problem but no solutions!

Any ideas?

NetworkGuy Sun 05-Jun-11 17:21:06

May help to know which laptop (make and model) this is happening on...

shrinkingnora Sun 05-Jun-11 18:13:12

Randomly it has stopped after a week of doing it. It's an HP G62. Thanks for responding!

NetworkGuy Mon 06-Jun-11 00:40:12

Glad it has stopped... if it is any consolation I've noticed that there can be odd noises from my Gateway laptop, but only if using the headphone socket.

I will have to consider whether it was because of Flash (since BBC iPlayer runs using Flash, it might be affecting the audio circuits, or just a coincidence that I have only recently noticed this as a problem).

shrinkingnora Mon 06-Jun-11 15:45:14

Funny you should say that, but it started again last night while we were watching iplayer.....

shrinkingnora Tue 07-Jun-11 21:20:32

DH upgraded the bios on advice from HP and it is cured!

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