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tethering an ipad

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generalhaig Wed 01-Jun-11 18:36:45

has anyone managed to tether their wi-fi only ipad to their iphone? O2 sold me a tethering bolt-on a few days ago but the 'personal hotspot' option isn't coming up on settings and O2 customer service have now told me that it's impossible to tether an ipad to an iphone as you the device being tethered needs to have either windows 7, linux or mac OS as a prerequisite

that's not what they told me first of all, and it sounds wrong to me, but they're insisting that it's the case

any ideas?


JBellingham Wed 01-Jun-11 18:46:10

When I had a quick shifty on my orange it looked like you had to buy it. I have read somewhere about it on jail broken iPhones though.

silverfrog Wed 01-Jun-11 18:49:26


I have done it with my htc. but that is no use to you, sorry.

RustyBear Wed 01-Jun-11 18:50:35

Which version of the operating system do you have on your iPhone & iPad? I think you need iOs 4.3 for the personal hotspot option to come up

generalhaig Wed 01-Jun-11 19:43:10

iOS is 4.3 on both iPad and iPhone and I've got a tethering bolt-on from O2

O2 customer service told me today (after selling me the bolt on a few days ago) that it was impossible to tether an iPad to an iPhone, you could only tether a device running windows 7, Linux or Mac OS

That sounds wrong to me so I just wanted to check before telling them they're talking b******s so need evidence that it is, in fact, possible

VivaLeBeaver Wed 01-Jun-11 19:48:46

Have a look on the av forum, they have a specific iPad forum and I've seen a thread on this. I have an android phone and my iPad can see the wifi hotspot from that, but does seem to drop it a bit.

5GoMadOnAZ650 Wed 01-Jun-11 19:58:09

I tether my iPad to my iPhone4 with no difficulties.

MmeLindor. Wed 01-Jun-11 21:10:24

That is nonsense.

I have an iPhone 3GS and a iPad1 and tether no problem.

What is a "bolt-on"?

generalhaig Wed 01-Jun-11 21:51:34

Thanks - suspected it was rubbish ...

Viva-do you have a link to that forum pls?

5go mad - which network are you on?

And MmeL a 'bolt-on' is just 02 speak for an addition to your normal monthly allowance which you pay for so I'm paying fir this but can't use it grrr

5GoMadOnAZ650 Thu 02-Jun-11 10:49:45

I'm on vodafone.

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