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Kindle - what is 3G and is that version worth it?

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lilolilmanchester Mon 30-May-11 20:27:18

<<<excuse my ignorance>>>... about to order a Kindle. Two versions of the Kindle, only difference I think is that one is 3G, and is £41 more expensive. I don't mind paying more if it would be worth it. Can someone explain, simply, what benefit there would be in having 3G please?

MmeLindor. Mon 30-May-11 20:29:53

With 3G you can download a book anywhere you want - it connects to the mobile network (without costing you anything) worldwide.

If you don't have this you need wifi connection.

Are you going to be using it at home? If you are pretty organised you can download all your books at home, or in a cafe/hotel with wifi.

CrystalQueen Mon 30-May-11 20:31:18

If you have wifi at home I wouldn't bother. I have the wifi only one and can safely say I've never wanted the 3G.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Mon 30-May-11 20:32:40

I got the 3G one because my home wifi is shite.

rookiemater Mon 30-May-11 20:35:42

I have the 3G one and tbh not sure its worth it. Thought I might want to be able to surf on it but the internet is totally impossible to read and really slow.

lilolilmanchester Mon 30-May-11 20:37:39

gosh, lots of quick answers - thanks! You're saying what I thought i'd understood... we do have wireless at home. Would the wireless version allow us to download books abroad if we ran out while on holiday or someone recommended something while we were away, e.g. if we were in a wi-fi area?

MmeLindor. Mon 30-May-11 21:02:37

I have the previous version which was only available as 3G. If I were buying a new one then I would still go for the 3G one as I love the fact that I can spontaneously decide to download a book wherever I am. Or if I finish my book sooner than anticipated. I was sitting on the beach in France last year, downloading books.

If I were more organized then I would perhaps not need it.

mrswarthog Mon 30-May-11 21:03:50

Used my 3g one in Dominican rep, got newspaper daily - free 14 day trial- downloaded books ad hoc AND could bod on Facebook, BBC news, mumsnet, etc without paying extortionate roaming fees. I love mine, it's very clever.

lilolilmanchester Mon 30-May-11 21:06:16

ok, will go with 3G version - thanks all

NormaStanleyFletcher Mon 30-May-11 21:09:14

I read loads, and run out of book when sitting on a random train, then download a book 10 minutes out from euston. That is what the 3g is for... badly organised ppl like me

lilolilmanchester Mon 30-May-11 21:20:33

thanks Norma. DH now saying that he doesn't think we'll use 3G enough to warrant spending an extra £40... (ie he won't cos he reads slowly and doesn't travel with his job, and is organised)

mrswarthog Mon 30-May-11 21:28:53

Get it from Tesco, get double points! Will sort of bring the price down......

lilolilmanchester Tue 31-May-11 00:25:22

ah, then you really must excuse my ignorance, I thought you could only get Kindle from Amazon. Will take a look on Tesco site tomorrow.

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