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MP3s all over the place - how do I play them?

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oohlalabonbons Mon 30-May-11 19:16:36

So...the title says it all I think! I have MP3s on my laptop, DHs laptop, and on my phone (HTC Desire Z), and we also have CDs, and LPs!
What do you think is the best option for playing the MP3s, bearing in mind we don't want to get rid of the CD/record player? The only time I wish I'd bought an iphone is when I want to play music from my phone at home, as I can't seem to find a docking station for it, only little speakers that connect.
I'm really not technologically minded, but is there a way to connect my phone and/or the laptop to an existing stereo (or TV)?

DoctorDaddy Sat 04-Jun-11 18:29:04

Most laptops will have a headphone socket, which will be easily connectable to the AUX / line in on a HiFi.
Depending on the HiFi, one of these is likely to be one:

You could also use your TV, but most TVs have rubbish speakers.

I have exactly this setup - all the mp3 are on the mac, connected to a little denon HiFi. Sounds brilliant.

My personal favourite software is iTunes (free from, but I am a bit of an apple fanboy - and there are loads of alternatives.

If you choose to use itunes, then install it. Go to preferences and select the bit which organises the files for you, and select the option to copy all the music to the iTunes folder.
This means that you just drag the music into iTunes library and it will automatically out everything into folders, structered by artist name etc.


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