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Is it normal to have to charge an iphone daily?

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peggotty Sat 21-May-11 17:05:31

Have to admit it is new so I'm using it quite a lot but is it normal for the battery to run out so quickly? TIA!!

BellaBearisWideAwake Sat 21-May-11 17:06:17

Yes definitely. But it does charge v quickly

goodegg Sat 21-May-11 17:06:23

I charge mine overnight every day. But I use it a lot!

Lollyheart Sat 21-May-11 17:07:12

I have to charge mine every night, it's a right pita.

Rosemallow Sat 21-May-11 17:07:29

Yes, especially as I use it to MN a lot.

Slightlyreluctantexpat Sat 21-May-11 17:11:11

It's the internet use that drains the battery so quickly. If you just use the thing for calls it lasts for days whereas going online uses loads of power (flat in a few hours), IME.

MrsPlesWearsAFez Sat 21-May-11 17:11:38

Yes. Irritating at first but quickly becomes habit.

Potplant Sat 21-May-11 17:15:40

When we went on holiday last year, DH forgot to take his charger for his ancient brick phone. With a full charge his lasted nearly a whole week. My iphone didn't even make it to the end of the journey there.

Its a PITA

RustyBear Sat 21-May-11 17:17:35

You can cut down battery use a lot by turning off bluetooth, 3G and location services when you aren't using them. Also, turn the screen brightness down, shorten the auto lock time and if you don't need to make sure you get emails instantly, turn off Push and set fetch to hourly or on manual if you don't mind waiting a few seconds for your emails when you open the app.

coastgirl Sat 21-May-11 17:20:20

Yes, I charge mine every day. But on holiday when I wasn't using 3G or going online, it lasted ages. I always bring a USB cable in my bag so I can sneakily plug it into any nearby computer to charge at work!

peggotty Sat 21-May-11 19:33:32

Thanks! Seems like its normal then. Yes have noticed it draining quicker when I've been online a lot. Rustybear, thanks for the power-saving tips!

one more question - is it quicker/better to charge it via the computer or the normal plug in thingy?

trixymalixy Sat 21-May-11 19:37:53

Yes I charge mine every night, but I use it a lot.

Potplant Sat 21-May-11 19:54:00

I usually charge mine via the PC, its already on so its not taking up any extra electricity. It charges to full quicker using the plug though.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 21-May-11 19:56:24

I have a car charger as well so I can charge on my way to and from work.

niceguy2 Sat 21-May-11 21:30:00

I would also get one of these too. It's one of those things you don't know you want until you have it. I gave one to a mate for xmas and his initial look on his face was "Humph" then a few weeks later, he loves cos he just leaves it in his car in case of emergencies.

[ Link]]

niceguy2 Sat 21-May-11 21:30:38's a direct link!


peggotty Sun 22-May-11 09:27:32

oh they look fantastic. Thanks niceguy.

MmeBlueberry Sun 22-May-11 09:30:56

I bought a radio with iPhone dock, and I just store it there when I am home. I also have a USB cable for my work computer, and car charger.

It definitely needs to be charged everyday. If you are using it heavily when away from a charger, turn the screen brightness down.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 30-May-11 15:24:14

daily - try every few hours grin

think i may fiddle a tad too much on it

Tee2072 Mon 30-May-11 15:26:22

One thing I just learned is if you let it completely die and turn itself off and then do a full charge, it sort of re-ups the battery for a bit. I was having horrible battery life and then I did that and now it only needs charging every 1.5 days or so. And I use it a lot as I run my whole company from it, more or less.

poshme Sat 04-Jun-11 13:47:28

Have you actually closed your apps? If you double click the button and then at the bottom you get all the apps you've used. Press and hold on one, they'll get little red minus buttons on them. if you tap the red bit on each one, it actually closes the app, which saves battery.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 04-Jun-11 18:49:23

must admit i do leave my fav apps open so that prob drains

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