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A question about SEO and keyword density percentages

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WimpleOfTheBallet Thu 06-Jan-11 12:06:36

I write a lot of content for websites and have done a little SEO but not much...and certainly had no training in it.

I've just been asked to write a bunch of stuff and the client has specified a 5% keyword density for the set of 500 word articles...basically I'm writing 20 500 word articles for him.

So does that mean I have to insert the keywords 20 times within the 500 words or 25 times?

Is their some industry standard? I have been given a list of about 60 keywords which they consider relevant.

I'm reluctant to ask him as it looks a wee bit rubbish not knowing something so basic!


WimpleOfTheBallet Thu 06-Jan-11 19:37:47

Bumping this for the evening shift!

WPOnline Thu 06-Jan-11 21:08:03


it would be 5% keywords in each 500 word article.

You have to remember you need the right amount of density...too low and you will not get the "right theme" portrayed to search engines, too high and your page might get flagged for keyword spamming.

You can use sites like this:

to calculate keyword density for you.

good luck

WimpleOfTheBallet Thu 06-Jan-11 22:34:47

Oh thanks very much going to check link out now.

NetworkGuy Fri 07-Jan-11 16:21:49

Looks useful - thanks from me too.

jacob1232 Thu 31-Jan-13 13:08:40

Hi...Keyword Density percentage is different in different search engine as per their guidelines but according to Google algorithms or guidelines 3% to 7% keyword density can use in content of website

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