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Help!! Sony ereader

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dontdisstheteens Fri 31-Dec-10 19:33:10

I have bought one of these for my father and set it up using calibre. I own a book in Kindle which I would like to lend to him. It is drm protected. I have tried the python stuff to remove protection before converting but have failed. Can anyone help me? I promise this is to lend a legally obtained book to my dad and I am furious that I can't. Protection of Authors/Publishers is one thing, this feels like totally unwarranted restriction.

Not to mention that I am considering buying a sony - it is a truly lovely thing - but have kindle books!

dontdisstheteens Sat 01-Jan-11 11:23:05

Pretty please. I have wasted hours trying to do this and want to return reader to dad all sorted later today.

dontdisstheteens Mon 03-Jan-11 22:31:24

Shameless bumping by an optimist!

Prolesworth Mon 03-Jan-11 22:34:27

Message withdrawn

dontdisstheteens Wed 05-Jan-11 16:51:06

No they can't. Hence having to remove prm so my Dad can read it. I think I will have to pay for other 'copies' Grrrr! It is enough to put me off ereaders full stop as we are a frequently book sharing family!

Prolesworth Wed 05-Jan-11 17:09:50

Message withdrawn

MaryMungo Wed 05-Jan-11 17:13:26

Which book is it?

dontdisstheteens Wed 05-Jan-11 18:16:15

The one he wants right now is Bill Bryson At Home. I have kindle version and am reluctant to buy from Waterstones for £14.30! I guess we are just used to buying (owning) and sharing books sad

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