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3 to 3 minutes

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bruffin Fri 31-Dec-10 17:45:26

Does anyone know the difference between 3to3 voice minutes and 3to3 minutes?

I signed up for the 3 500 internet texter plan.
Included was

500 anytime/any network minutes
5000 3to3 minutes
5000 texts
and 1gb internet

I have now noticed on my allowances I also have 2000 3to3 voice minutes additional to the 5000 3to3 mins. I am sure this has only just been added.
My calls to 3 users (DH and DCS) are being taken off the 2000 voice minutes rather than the 5000.

DH has a similar account to my own but doesn't seem to get the extra 2000.

I am not complaining as I don't seem to be losing out, but I just want to know what the difference is.

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