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Help with OpenOffice Writer!

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jabberwocky Fri 31-Dec-10 02:07:33

I have been helping dh with his novel. Everything is looking pretty good re: edits but I can't get the page numbers to work! I have been googling and trying to figure out how to insert fields, etc. but not having much luck. Any suggestions?

brassick Fri 31-Dec-10 06:47:39

Sorry, nothing to offer in the way of help, only sympathy. We use Open Office at work because the boss is too mean to buy Microsoft Office we like to be "innovative" & page numbers is something I have not managed to work out - that and salutations in mail merges.

Wish I could be more help...

PlentyOfParsnips Fri 31-Dec-10 07:08:40

from the top menu -

insert > footer > default

make sure your cursor is in the newly created footer then -

insert > fields > page number

jabberwocky Fri 31-Dec-10 08:15:51

Oh, thanks! Will give it a go. It has been an interesting formatting process. The novel was originally written in Word but the publishing format worked better in OpenOffice - except for the page number problem.

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