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Ipod or Ipod or neither?!

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mychatnickname Sun 26-Dec-10 11:19:25

Looking at getting an ipad or ipod touch. Already have a laptop for work and a netbook we regret buying as it's too slow. Thinking of ebaying that.

We travel a lot and I'd like something ds can watch films on and play games on. The laptop seems a bit big to lug on a plane or train for watching a movie.

Ipod looks more complementary to the laptop as it's smaller so I'm thinking that and it's cheaper. Or should I just not bother??

I have a smartphone already but not a iphone and don't fancy one of those (long story).

ladysybil Sun 26-Dec-10 14:10:11

dont bother.
how old is your ds? let him have a book.

jackstarlightstarbright Sun 26-Dec-10 15:36:58

If you are taking your laptop on the plane or train or in the hotel room then yes - the iPad is an overlap.

Imo - The iPod touch is good for games, music and audio books - the iPad for movies, shared games (chess, checkers) and iBooks.

Also the iPad has a decent battery - the iPod Touch one only lasts a few hours.

mychatnickname Sun 26-Dec-10 17:27:20

Fair point ladysybil. He can read well for his age. I hate the idea of him playing console games for hours and so far we have avoided that. Am thinking of very long journeys though where at his age reading for hours might be a bit much.

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