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How do I find my Bluetooth passcode for a new iPhone?

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Caz10 Thu 23-Dec-10 00:03:13

I have loads of pics on my old phone and thought maybe I could Bluetooth them to my iPhone? But my old phone is asking for a passcode when I try to pair them, any suggestions as to where I would find it?!

NetworkGuy Thu 23-Dec-10 02:30:45

On several phones I've used, the default seems to be 0000. However, if that does not work, I suspect that you can type any sequence of 4 digits on the first phone and the second may ask you to key in the code (perhaps knowing 0000 is default, the phone can be programmed to ask the user if no alternative number has already been used).

Someone with an iPhone may come along and give a definitive answer soon though (I don't have an iPhone but have used a few other makes [Motorola, Sony Ericsson, ZTE] with Bluetooth for file transfers).

Caz10 Thu 23-Dec-10 07:59:27

Cheers! Will give that a go!

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 23-Dec-10 10:05:39

you wont be able to

although iphone have bluetooth you cant bluetooth pics

bloody annoying, used to send them to lappy or use bots while you wait photo booth

yes generally is 0000 to connect to cars etc

Caz10 Thu 23-Dec-10 10:21:23

Garrr ok thank u! Have lost mini USB you see but I can't imagine they will cost much to replace. Thanks!

NetworkGuy Thu 23-Dec-10 16:03:52

Is it a mini USB, micro USB or Apple specific?

Just that Poundland has had mini USB cables, and on Ebay I've paid under 25p for such cables (inc delivery from China in a Jiffy bag) so that can easily (and cheaply) be replaced, as you say.

Caz10 Thu 23-Dec-10 17:00:22

Aaah erm not sure tbh! My old phone is a nokia, I've got loads of lovely pics of dd on it so don't want to lose them! Sure if I searched on eBay in conjunction with the phone name I'd find it?

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 23-Dec-10 17:45:29

I could send pic via Bluetooth no probs with my
Nokia so can't you send and save then all to your laptop?

I can't believe that however clever the iPhone is , that apple can't get Bluetooth to work with iPhones to be able to send a pic tho the bump app is fab

NetworkGuy Fri 24-Dec-10 04:04:54

Look on Ebay for a USB Bluetooth adaptor - under a fiver including delivery based on the one I bought, about the size of a thumbnail sticking out from USB port.

It would let you send individiual photos by Bluetooth.

However, using USB cable to Nokia phone would surely as you could "pull" all the photos into the PC in one go.

NetworkGuy Fri 24-Dec-10 04:06:23

What's the "bump" application, please Blondeshavemorefun ?

Apple is probably scared about someone managing to plant a virus or unlock the phone if they allow Bluetooth to work like most other phones !!

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 25-Dec-10 10:49:14

bump is where you tap your iphone to another iphone and the pic is automatically transfered

fab app - download from app store free

think you can also transfer names/numbers etc as well but i generally use it for pics, if been out and take a pic and then bump it to friends iphone

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