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Can you put a Wii on an old (ish) portable telly?

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KatyMac Wed 22-Dec-10 21:23:32

Or do I need some hi-tech piece of kit?

KatyMac Wed 22-Dec-10 21:30:14

Sorry to bump this but I need to get home to DH (as he is poorly)

AMumInScotland Wed 22-Dec-10 21:32:41

It comes with red, yellow and white connectors as standard - do you have sockets like that on the TV? Or a SCART socket cable is also available, I think. If you don't have either of those on the TV, do you have a video player with them, as you can sometimes go through one of those.

ChippyMinTurnAgainWhittington Wed 22-Dec-10 21:33:32

Ours has three individual small round plugs (red,yellow & white) which going into a scart adapter which plugs into the (flatscreen modern) TV. Pretty sure our old TV could take the small round plugs. HTH

KatyMac Wed 22-Dec-10 21:34:22

The telly has a scart - I am struggling to 'tune' it in as I assume I have to

ChippyMinTurnAgainWhittington Wed 22-Dec-10 21:35:36

Is there a 'AV' channel/button?

AMumInScotland Wed 22-Dec-10 21:36:55

So you have the Wii? I think you do have to tune the TV to it - our (newer) one can do that automatically. There should be something in the instructions to get a menu page up so you'll know it when you find it. IIRC

KatyMac Wed 22-Dec-10 21:37:20

Not as far as I can see

KatyMac Wed 22-Dec-10 21:37:54

Ah ha

It is on the video channel

ChippyMinTurnAgainWhittington Wed 22-Dec-10 21:39:48

Are you sorted then?

bb99 Wed 22-Dec-10 21:45:36

DH says you need a multi scart which has all the leads into that (red yellow etc etc) and then goes into one scart plug in the back of the TV, but you still need a TV with one scart plug at the back.

We've got a crap smaller telly for the kids and one of these multi scarts - they're about £20 and from well know high street electrical retailers.


bb99 Wed 22-Dec-10 21:46:41

Sorry - didn't read all the thread...enjoy smile

KatyMac Wed 22-Dec-10 23:08:37

Yes it works lovely

As I got it working on my mum's telly (for Christmas day) I am assuming I will be able to on my telly at home just as easily

Thanks everyone

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