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How to change my default email

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size6feet Sat 11-Dec-10 14:11:42

I've just tried googling it but am getting to sites with blank screens??

I was just trying to send pic attachments in hotmail and when I selected them it came up with my default email so I had to send them that way. HOw can I change the default setting to hotmail please. I have Windows XP.
Thank you.

NetworkGuy Sun 12-Dec-10 17:54:57

Not convinced there is an easy way (if any at all) to force e-mail handling to be done via your browser with Hotmail (as the settings on a Windows machine will be to get a specific e-mail application, such as MS Outlook Express or MS Outlook (if you have MS Office) or (Mozilla) Thunderbird or Windows Mail (Win 7)

size6feet Fri 17-Dec-10 19:54:07

My apologies for the long delay in not replying sooner Cruel and NetworkGuy . I've been away and had an operation but am back now, albeit one-handed.

Thank you Cruel, I found your link very informative.

Network - Previously when I have added pictures as attachments in Hotmail they have just attached. I understand what you say and so next time I send pics I will make careful notes of what I do and whatever notes pop up. I could be missing a step in the procedure.

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