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I want to make a compilation tape... CD.

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Adair Fri 10-Dec-10 18:31:07

have got dd a CD player for xmas and would like to make her some compilation CDs (it does play CD-R/CD-RW) of music she likes from my CD collection or copies of my CDs...

How best to do this? What software do I need? I did have all my music on itunes but wasn't backed up and the computer died. Have all the tunes on my ipod but don't know where it is. confused. So all on CD still at moment (and use Spotify just to listen to).

Can I do it via itunes? Is there easier software out there? Don't mind uploading all my CDs again eventually - did it last time while walking newborn ds around in a sling, and will have another newborn in a couple of months grin.

Thanks for any help!

NetworkGuy Sat 11-Dec-10 10:42:48

There's a freebie bit of software called Ripstation Micro which can make low and high quality copies of CD tracks simultaneously.

Does her CD player also play MP3 files ? If so that would be ideal (as you can save several dozen tracks (not just 2 dozen at best) on one CD.

You can download Ripstation Micro (use download button). Register for GD3 and it will be able to look up the track names from the identifying info on your CDs.

BadgersPaws Mon 13-Dec-10 10:05:22

iTunes makes burning a CD very easy.

You simply import the music, make a playlist of all the assorted tracks that you want and then right click on the playlist where a "Burn to CD" (or something similar) option will now appear.

One thing I would suggest is changing iTunes default import options so that it imports the music from the CDs in the highest quality possible, that way when you then put it back onto another CD it sounds as good as it can. I can provide more details on this part if you wish to use iTunes.

hisgirlfriday Sun 26-Jun-11 23:44:33

Thanks for the tips, sorry for the delayed reply, tummy bug been through the whole family! Going to have a mess around with itunes once I've got on top of the horrid sicky washing.

hisgirlfriday Sun 26-Jun-11 23:47:14

Damn, just replied to completely wrong post sorry, ignore me its been a long week.

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