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i phone or i pad?

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garrowismylaw Wed 08-Dec-10 20:12:09

which do i buy as a present?

NetworkGuy Wed 08-Dec-10 20:53:20

Depends on whether the unit will be needed out of the house and to make lots of voice calls...

With no info about who it is going to be used by, and what for, you have to ask yourself a few things like whether you are meaning to buy it outright (iPad 550? to 950? pounds) or (iPhone) as part of a mobile contract where there is an 18 or 24 month agreement and it may end up costing more but in return user gets voice calls etc...

MmeLindt Wed 08-Dec-10 22:17:13

As NG says, depends on what you want it for.

I have both and they are totally different gadgets.

iPhone more portable, iPad more versatile.

SoupDragon Thu 09-Dec-10 11:16:24

another vote for "it depends on who it's for and what they will do with it"

RustyBear Thu 09-Dec-10 14:49:55

Hijack for SoupDragon & MmeLindt - I still haven't upgraded my ipad, having been scared by tales of freezing & losing wifi - have you done yours?

SoupDragon Thu 09-Dec-10 18:17:00

I did mine.

Multitasking: fab
folders of apps: fab
Switching the orientation lock button to be the mute button instead: crap idea.

I haven't noticed any wifi issues or freezing. Certainly no more than usual anyway! Actually, i've had better wifi reception recently although that may be coincidence.

RustyBear Thu 09-Dec-10 18:40:26

Think I'll leave mine till the Christmas holidays when I have more time & take most of the videos & apps off, upgrade & put them back - my apps need a bit of weeding anyway and it may prevent the freezing.

MmeLindt Thu 09-Dec-10 22:45:37

Ah, that is where the lock screen orientation went. Was wondering why it no longer worked. Bum.

Otherwise no problems to report.

RustyBear Thu 09-Dec-10 23:06:13

The screen lock's a software thing in iOS 4 - it's the same as on the iPhone 4 - you drag the multitask bar to the left & touch the arrowed circle icon

SoupDragon Sat 11-Dec-10 09:26:21

Stupid change IMO. You can easily mute the iPad by holding the volume key down. Now, however, it is a pain to lock the screen orientation when it was a simple one move job.

RustyBear Sat 11-Dec-10 12:20:09

I believe someone's running a campaign to get Apple to change it back with the next update.

Though Apple's track record on changing their minds because customers are pissed off is only slightly better than Ryanair's...

SoupDragon Sat 11-Dec-10 12:47:06

I guess we're more likely to get Flash...

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