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WOW patch download advice needed please

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VivaLeBeaver Thu 02-Dec-10 19:44:33

Inspired by a thread on here last week I thought I'd reactivate my WOW account. Clicked on my desktop icon and a new patch has started to download, this was middle of the afetrnoon. So far it has done 8% and reckons it will take about 80 hours to download the whole thing. Is this right?

Niceguy2 Fri 03-Dec-10 11:49:46

ahh the joys of WOW. There's been a lot of updates recently. I really think Blizz should hold an updated copy somewhere people can download once. The incremental patches drive me mad if I have to reinstall from scratch.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 03-Dec-10 14:06:27

Its driving me mad, am now at 43%. Am worried I'll need to do another big install on the 7th for cataclysm.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 03-Dec-10 14:06:46

Its been running all through the night!

ChimneysTooNarrow Fri 03-Dec-10 14:17:21

Took my DP three days to download it, he hadn't played it for a while. Our broadband crawled to a halt during so I looked like this hmm for a few days.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 03-Dec-10 14:19:14

Thanks, its good to know that this is normal and I've not got a faulty connection or something. 44% now! hmm

Niceguy2 Sun 05-Dec-10 23:10:19

Hope u have it now! lol

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