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PDR Wed 01-Dec-10 16:34:00

DM has asked for a Freeview + box for Christmas so she can record stuff she misses in the day and watch it at night.

My question is we recently bought her a TV which has integrated Freeview already so will be it be possible to connect the Freeview +?

NetworkGuy Thu 02-Dec-10 00:09:45

Yes. The Freeview + box would probably connect with a SCART lead or similar to the TV.

It would also mean she has the option of watching one channel and recording another, and if she has some sort of hi-fi setup, then if you can connect the Freeview+ box with phono leads, she could use the FV+ box to have some radio station (eg BBC Radio 7) on and switch the TV off completely

If there is a good film on TV, turn the TV sound down and use the FV+ box and bigger better speakers from her hi-fi to play the sound (as plenty of TV speakers are quiet and perhaps poor for bass).

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