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BBC iPlayer on Goodmans freesat

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GeneralissimoVonBobbington Tue 30-Nov-10 20:29:34

Hi all, we have bought a freesat box and the Goodmans website and the iPlayer website assure me that I should be able to get iPlayer if I just connect my broadband to the freesat box, but no joy.

Does anyone have any bright ideas of how to make this work? Or maybe iPlayer isn't available yet and I will just have to wait?

NetworkGuy Tue 30-Nov-10 21:17:40

Probably best to search a bit on the web.

While looking around yesterday night (because of some comments seen about FreeSat vs Freeview on picture quality (because, like DAB, if they cram too many stations onto a single multiplex / transponder the quality can be pushed lower) and while looking, did spot various comments about trials of iPlayer and moans about it not working yet.

Now, some were from early in 2010, and others from the middle of 2010, but I didn't spend time checking if it works right now (as I am not in a position to afford FreeSat yet).

Digital Spy may be a good place to start. Sorry cannot be much help at the moment...

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