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frakkinup Tue 30-Nov-10 11:16:27

Have posted a similar thread in chat but might get more help here!

DH wants some lenses for his camera for Christmas. Any recommendations on national chains in the UK/specialist shops in London?

I don't want to buy them off the internet as international shipping here means stuff tends to get lost and/or broken and I have some time in the UK.

Ideally he wants "a Nikkor (nikon lens brand) 70-300mm lens, compatible with a nikon D60 camera. If not 70-300 a 55-200 or a 55-300 (even better!)."

<Quick clarification: Is a 70-300 better than a 55-200? And a 55-300 better than a 70-300?>

And a tripod and a fisheye lens if I'm feeling lovely.

How much is that likely to set me back?

CruelAndUnusualParenting Tue 30-Nov-10 14:43:13

You can get a feel for prices at Digital Depot, but they're not in London.

What's better depends on what you need. IIRC the bigger the focal length, the more magnification. A 50 mm lens would be considered "normal" on most SLRs. 70-300 gives more magnification than 55-200, but if he needs a lens covering the 55-70mm range and doesn't need the 200-300mm range then he could be better off with the 55-200. If magnification (zoom) is the priority and he has a lens that already covers the 55-70 range then he'd probably prefer the 70-300.

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