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Can I use a Office 2010 key to open Office 2007?

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BananaGio Tue 30-Nov-10 11:04:37

I have never used the Office 2007 package that came with my laptop as have always used open office. I have been bought the Office 2010 key now though and was wondering if that will open the Office 2007 programmes or should I send it back?

NetworkGuy Tue 30-Nov-10 13:05:29

I doubt it will unlock Office 2007, but there may well be a download for evaluation of Office 2010 amd that might (say) work for 30 days and then "nag you to buy" (at which time you can enter the key you were provided with, as a gift.

ajandjjmum Tue 30-Nov-10 13:07:25

Yes. 2010 will open 2007 but 2007 won't open 2010 unless it's saved as a 2007 compatible document.

That is the total sum of my IT knowledge!!! grin

BadgersPaws Tue 30-Nov-10 13:36:44

"Yes. 2010 will open 2007 but 2007 won't open 2010 unless it's saved as a 2007 compatible document."

The question was about Product Keys and not documents, I'll second network guy and say that I'd be surprised if the key works.

When it comes to Documents Office 2010 and 2007 are, I think, fine at sharing documents between each other.

There is an issue between Office 2007 and older versions though if you use the "new" docx format document.

You can get a plug in for older versions of Office that gives a fair crack at opening up (not saving) the newer X formats (docx from Work, pptx from Powerpoint or xslx from Excel) but some things will be missing or not working quite right.

BaroqinAroundTheChristmasTree Tue 30-Nov-10 13:42:51

there are definitely some things in powerpoint that won't work right if you do it in 2010 and save in 2007/play in 2007.

BananaGio Tue 30-Nov-10 16:35:04

thanks for your comments. so am I right in thinking if I download Office 2010 I should be OK? Any idea where I can download from? Sorry-not much clue re tecchy stuff as you can probably tell so appreciate any help

BadgersPaws Tue 30-Nov-10 16:55:04

I'm actually not sure where you can just download it from.... I know you can download a 60 Day Trial Version but that explicitly says that you need to un install it and then install a paid for one if you want to keep on using it.

MS do sell downloads but you need to pay first before you can get at it.

BadgersPaws Tue 30-Nov-10 16:57:06

A bit more nosing and here you go: oduct-key-card-FX101853163.aspx

That's got a nice big "Download" button on it

NetworkGuy Tue 30-Nov-10 20:50:50

Thanks for doing the hunting, for that useful link, BP...

After a number of late nights and limited sleep, I was out cold in bed from around 16:00 until someone (number unknown) woke me with a call to my mobile... rotten shame I do not have the number - would be thanking them for the alarm call as I wanted to catch the Gadget Show at 20:00 anyway Still puzzled about which of 50-odd people it might have been but then again, life is full of mysteries, and so it may stay that way!

BananaGio Wed 01-Dec-10 07:15:21

thanks so much for the link. I have attempted to download it and my laptop is encountering "problems" -aaaahhhh. I think am going to hand it over to a person who knows what they are doing (ie not me!) as this same laptop is also unable to install itunes so I reckon I may have an issue..... But I will return to the link when other issues resolved!

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