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Netbooks ... can anyone please give me some advice?

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bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 20:25:16

I saw a thread on here a while ago with people chatting about netbooks and need a bit of advice. I was looking at the Samsung NC10 but have been getting really confused by all the other models etc. Can anyone recommend something? I dont want to spend too much and need it largely for surfing, mumsnet, facebook and storing photos/itunes .. but I guess that can be done on an external hard drive.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!!

herbietea Fri 26-Nov-10 20:30:37

Message withdrawn

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 20:37:38

did you impulse buy it or do research herbietea? I am all researched out ... I was about to buy the nc10 this evening as had found it reduced by £60 online but the offer ended .. so now I cant decide whether to buy it at the original price or look at something new. That looks good though - is it speedy? Did you have to upgrade the memory?

notcitrus Fri 26-Nov-10 20:40:00

I got the NC10 from John Lewis about 15 months ago and it's fab. My main criterion was lightweight (can hold in one hand away from a toddler) and reliability (survived a mug of tea on it...) But it's very speedy for web stuff, excellent keyboard, and sufficient storage for me.

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 20:48:38

I think the only reason I am reconsidering the nc10 is because it has been out for so long and because I have just missed out on the bargain deal ... sooooo annoying!

mamadiva Fri 26-Nov-10 21:04:13

I have the Acer Aspire one (in purple ) and it's fab. Only cost £229 from Argos with case and mouse.

Does'nt have a huge memory but has been fine for me to store general stuff and photo's/music etc.

Would definately recommend and also it is very lightweight and a nice size.

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 21:08:05

thanks ... do you find you have to scroll across to see web pages and is that annoying? I am used to a full size laptop and am concerned it will bug me having the smaller screen but dont have the money for another laptop. The one I have is ancient and so slow that I am hoping the fact it will be faster will make up for the small screen size!

mamadiva Fri 26-Nov-10 21:38:05

That's the exact same as me, my mahoosive laptop died and I could'nt afford another one so I just bought a netbook but was'nt keen on the small screen idea but now I don't notice. Although admittedly I did keep typing thin air for a while before I realised the keyboard was smaller!

I have had one or two times where I have had to scroll across but it's honestly not been often enough to be a problem.

Although I will say my one issue that has come up a few times but can be sorted easily is that there is no disc tray, I could've counted the amoun t of times I used this on my lap top but now it's not there I find myself wanting to burn cd's or watch a dvd lol.

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 21:46:07

you can buy them for about £30 though cant you mamadiva?

herbietea Fri 26-Nov-10 22:05:12

Message withdrawn

mamadiva Fri 26-Nov-10 22:05:18

Yup that's what I'm saying so might be an extra cost but it's really a non issue

On the whole I would definately reccomend a netbook even though I hated the idea I have been converted LOL.

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 22:08:43

thank you all ... it sounds as if most of them are ok. I guess I am hoping someone will just tell me which one to buy but I have to toughen up and make a decision myself. Will look at yours and force myself to decide tomorrow!

mamadiva Fri 26-Nov-10 22:18:05

Don't think about it just buy this :o

AmyFarrahFowler Fri 26-Nov-10 22:18:18

We;ve been looking at some recently, I have an oldish EeePC and was thinking of a new one.

When we looked at them on the whole the specs are all pretty much of a muchness. Roughly the same CPU, RAM, and disc drive etc so then its down the price and how they look.

If we get one we are going to get this one tooth-Graphics/dp/B003BI7SLC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qi d=1290809484&sr=8-2 because it has a better video card in it so that it should all run a little smoother. In netbooks the CPU is quite under spec'd so the better video card should make a difference.

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 22:21:55

that does look good Amy but a bit over budget for me I am afraid! I dont really want to spend more than £270 if I can avoid it!

herbietea Fri 26-Nov-10 22:26:13

Message withdrawn

Milliways Fri 26-Nov-10 22:29:57

I Mumsnet etc on a Samsung N120 & it's great. The battery life is amazing, which is great for taking to meetings for minutes etc.

Actually, I use it for everything. Took a bit of getting used to the reduced screen but you adapt your settings, and it is so portable (only beaten by DH's Ipad).

scotgirl Fri 26-Nov-10 22:32:29

Inb the £200 - £250 they are all pretty much the same specification. Man in John Lewis pretty much said so!

For me, battery life was important would not consider one with less than 6hrs.

Acer ones seemed a bit lacking in solidity when I touch them in RL!

In the end I went for the HP mini - was £249 in JL and I am very happy with it.

No gaps between the keyboard keys (important if the kids use it) so no crumb collection. Guy in John Lewis pointed out some of them had gaps - no way I would have considered that - but it is sensible.

Go with what is important for you - for me it was a nice solid machine, good battery life and then I also included the no gaps!

My geeky husband did lots of reseatch too and the HP mini seemed well received.

But as I said at the beginnng, there really is nothing between them in this price bracket so if you get a good deal go for it.

I've had mine 6 months and don't know how I lived with just the PC!

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 22:32:38

thank you ... I now need to look at the N120 and see in what way it differs to the NC10+

Herbietea .. well spotted - I definitely want a 250gb machine!

bodiddly Fri 26-Nov-10 22:52:31

Maybe going in to John Lewis would be best then scotgirl. I was just going to order online but you make a good point! Will see whether it snows around here this weekend and see if I can get there! Thanks.

40someMum Fri 26-Nov-10 22:58:04

so can you put cds in netbooks and use itunes??? can you update ipods?
we want to get something to JUST do this for our dcs??

NetworkGuy Sat 27-Nov-10 07:27:05

AmyFarrahFowler - impressive, and with 11" screen close to size of my first laptop.

herbietea - whether 160 GB or 250 GB it should hardly matter. People with the biggest iPod Classics probably don't go a lot further than 120 GB of music, and so long as a netbook has a few USB ports, you can keep things like home video clips off the netbook.

1500 GB and 2000 GB drives are coming down towards the 60 pound mark, which make even 250 GB seem pretty small!

NetworkGuy Sat 27-Nov-10 07:34:45

Must have been half a dozen posts in last 6 months about spilt drinks killing laptops/notebooks... has wireless keyboard and mouse combo for under 20 quid and if protection from crumbs and spilt drinks is important, I am sure separate kbd and some protective cover over the built in kbd would be sensible method.

For anyone holding a y.o. the adult could have just the wireless keyboard close to them and put their netbook further back on a table for example, out of reach (and out of range of thrown food/drink!)

40someMum - netbooks don't have a CD/DVD drive. You would need to buy a separate unit and plug in on USB. I assume OK for updating iPod but don't have an iPod myself...

herbietea Sat 27-Nov-10 09:54:23

Message withdrawn

bodiddly Sat 27-Nov-10 12:01:04

does anyone know if it is possible to store itunes and update an iphone via an external hard drive or does it all need to be stored on the netbook's hard drive?

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