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Anyone buying iPod / iPad or other MAC gadget for Xmas - one day sale today

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MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 07:46:12

The iPod touch is 14.99 cheaper than normal.

iPad 35 off

MacBooks reduced too.


MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 08:15:11

bumpity bump

MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 10:21:47

no one?

Jeepers Fri 26-Nov-10 13:58:08

Thanks! Have succumbed finally to an Ipad....

Niceguy2 Fri 26-Nov-10 16:22:56

Bloody typical. I bought my iPad about 3 weeks ago and now they reduce the price!

Jeepers....good luck. I love mine.

NiceShoes Fri 26-Nov-10 16:29:21

THANKS!so much was considering buying one for DP. Everyone I know who has one loves them, and raves how useful they are.

MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 19:56:28

I have an iPad (using it now) and adore it. Everyone I know who has one does.

I think this is a regular thing, the Friday after thanksgiving.

CountessVonKnackerstein Fri 26-Nov-10 19:58:49

Would you get one without 3G or is that just silly?

MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 20:07:07

I have the wifi only, and have not regretted it. It depends if you want to take it out with you.

At some point I am going to look into a mifi - a wireless dongle for the once or twice a year where I would need to go online out of the house.

wohmum Fri 26-Nov-10 20:55:18

I use a mifi dongle with my iPad for out and about and it's fine, plus I can use it with any other wifi device, iPod, lap top etc.

Def more flexible and cheaper than 3G

geordieminx Fri 26-Nov-10 20:57:23

Would you mind telling me about mifi?

I bought wifi only and don't regret it as most places have wifi, and tbh I don't really use public transport much

MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 21:04:46

Oh, do tell us more. I haven't found then here yet but might get my mum to bring one from UK. Where did you get it?

CountessVonKnackerstein Fri 26-Nov-10 21:19:19

And what does mifi stand for?
<<thick emoticon>>

basildonbond Fri 26-Nov-10 21:30:04

is the 32gb version worth the extra compared to the 16gb ... have been longing for one for ages ...

or should I just hang out for the updated version which is bound to be coming along some time next year ...

MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 21:32:12

Mobile wifi

I have just ordered a second sim card (I have an iPhone 3GS) and will use it in a mifi. Probably order from UK, seem to be cheapest there.

This means that for Chf 9/month (about a fiver) I can go online with my iPad on the go.

herbietea Fri 26-Nov-10 21:34:26

Message withdrawn

MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 21:41:39

We don't get special offers here on apple products. They have them locked down.

I would go for the 32gb. We have fhe 64gb and have 44gb free and I don't have loads on it.

wohmum Fri 26-Nov-10 22:20:05

Mi fi stands for mobile wi fi. The one I got is on 3 network.

Basically it 's a small dongle about the size of a small mobile phone that generates a wi fi signal.

You can get it with a pay as you go or contract sim.

We got a contact one, on a rolling month for £15 for 5gb of data. Was going to convert it to pay as you go as wasn't using it that much, but they dropped the monthly rate so kept it on.

It works just the same as home wi fi, except you have it anywhere. We use it at home often when our Bt broadband plays up ( about 3 times a week at the mo- grr!) Also use in coffee shops or the car when waiting for dc at activities.

Battery life isn't fantastic, but easily lasts a couple of hours and can be charged on a laptop or Pc, not iPad tho' cos it needs USB

wohmum Fri 26-Nov-10 22:22:58

If you get an iPod touch, I'd the new generation one. Better resolution, plus camera etc.

Older versions are cheaper though.

MmeLindt Fri 26-Nov-10 22:24:26

I ordered an unlocked one from eBay for 70 Pounds. I didn't want a contract as I have one already for iPhone so will use that contract with dual card. Really chuffed.

Thanks for the info wohmum, and the reminder to go and look for it.

NetworkGuy Sat 27-Nov-10 07:17:42

Niceguy2 - keep in mind that lots of US stores start their sales from "Black Friday" (yesterday, day after Thanksgiving, when stores start to "go into the black") and stay in "sale" mode ready for Christmas. Various web sites pre-announce they will be reducing stock from Black Friday, and presumably have a few days of quiet beforehand (or sell stuff as lots of families get together for Thanksgiving, perhaps given similar level of importance as Christmas, based on my experience visiting friends).

US stores say that people are already seen to be spending a bit more - last year the queues were less lengthy and people had a strict list of presents to buy, where this year the impression is that some have been making 'spur of the moment' decisions on personal treats for themselves, on top of their list of family gifts.

ClimberChick Sat 27-Nov-10 07:29:27

<looks longingly at the ipads>

<shakes self out of dream>

people were camping outside the stores nearly a day before over here. It's their upscaled version of boxing day it would appear. Much reports of it being a busier year.

bubblerock Tue 30-Nov-10 12:01:27

Cheaper still on HERE - still out of my reach unfortunately envy

GrumpyOldHorsewoman Tue 30-Nov-10 13:56:26


Bought Dh's Christmas Ipad a few weeks back as I predicted a pre-christmas rush on them.

Oh well.

NetworkGuy Thu 02-Dec-10 08:49:27

climberchick - you might want to read the Guardian review of the Viewsonic Viewpad 7 (not 10" but it is at a slightly more reasonable price of 399.

See this link (NB that includes 3G GSM, so can be used on the move depending on which mobile network you choose). I don't remember the starting price of an iPad with mobile capability, but they and I know the iPad has a 10" screen, but the Viewpad is running Android v2.2 (which is the version that Google as presenting to developers in San Franscisc ac in late spring.

Viewsonic has been making flat screen displays for PCs for years, and has an excellent reputation.

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